Meet the Remarkable Dr. Anthony C. Cetrone: A Profile by The Virginian-Pilot

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1 Meet the Remarkable Dr. Anthony C. Cetrone: ‌A Profile by The Virginian-Pilot

1.1 Background and Education

1.1.1 Professional Achievements Community Involvement

1.1.2 Recognition and Awards

1.2 Philosophy‍ of Care
1.3 Partnership with The Virginian-Pilot

1.3.1 Conclusion Recognition: Physician Specializing in Occupational Medicine

1.3.2 Commitment to Occupational Health and Safety
1.3.3 Significance of Firefighter Cancer Screening
1.3.4 Notable Accomplishments and Measuring Success
1.3.5 Lessons Learned and Advice ‍for Aspiring Health Care Professionals

Meet the Remarkable Dr. Anthony C. Cetrone: ‌A Profile by The Virginian-Pilot

Dr. Anthony C. ​Cetrone is a prominent figure in⁢ the medical⁤ field, known for his​ exceptional accomplishments and contributions as a physician, researcher, and community ⁤leader. His dedication to improving the lives of his​ patients and his commitment to advancing medical knowledge have earned him widespread respect and admiration.

Background and Education

Dr. Cetrone graduated ⁣from the University of ⁣Virginia School of Medicine,​ where he excelled in ​his studies and demonstrated a keen interest in internal medicine. His passion for patient care and his desire to make a meaningful impact in the medical field drove him to pursue further ‍training and specialization in gastroenterology.

Professional Achievements

Dr. Cetrone’s ⁤expertise in gastroenterology has been instrumental in the diagnosis and treatment of various digestive disorders. He ⁤has pioneered innovative approaches to patient care, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge medical techniques to deliver optimal outcomes for his patients.

He ⁢has also⁣ been⁢ actively involved in clinical research, contributing to the advancement of scientific ‍knowledge in the field of gastroenterology. His⁢ research findings have been published in prestigious medical journals, earning ​him recognition from his peers and the broader medical community.

Community Involvement

Beyond his ⁤professional accomplishments, Dr. Cetrone is deeply committed‍ to giving back to the ⁤community. He ⁤has been ⁢involved in numerous initiatives aimed at promoting ⁢health and wellness, particularly in underserved areas. His efforts have had a tangible impact on improving access to medical care and fostering a culture of preventive health practices.

Dr. Cetrone’s compassion and dedication to serving others have made him a beloved ‌figure in the communities he serves. His genuine concern for the well-being ​of​ his patients and his⁣ unwavering commitment to excellence have earned him the trust ​and gratitude of those under his care.

Recognition and Awards

Dr. Cetrone’s outstanding contributions to the medical field have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous accolades and​ awards in​ recognition of his exceptional ⁣achievements and his unwavering commitment to excellence. His peers and patients alike hold him in ⁤high esteem, acknowledging his exceptional skills as a physician and his outstanding leadership in the medical​ community.

Philosophy‍ of Care

Dr. Cetrone is​ known for his patient-centric approach ‍to care, prioritizing open communication, ⁣empathy, and⁤ collaboration with his patients. He believes in empowering his patients to⁤ take an active role in their health and well-being, and he is dedicated to providing personalized, compassionate care that addresses the unique needs and concerns of each individual.

His ‍commitment to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for his patients has earned⁤ him a reputation as a physician who truly ⁢cares ⁣for the holistic well-being of ‍those under ‍his care. His patient testimonials speak to the profound impact he ⁣has ‌had on the lives of those he has treated, reflecting the deep trust and⁢ respect he has garnered from his patients.

Partnership with The Virginian-Pilot

Dr. ‍Cetrone’s exceptional contributions to the medical field have​ been highlighted in ​a profile by The Virginian-Pilot, a leading source of news and information in‍ the Virginia area. The profile showcases his remarkable journey ‌as a physician ​and​ his unwavering dedication to making a positive‍ impact in the lives of his patients and the broader community.

The profile offers readers a unique insight into Dr. Cetrone’s professional achievements, personal philosophy, and the transformative role he ⁢has played in advancing the field of gastroenterology. ⁤It serves as a testament to his standing as a beloved and respected figure in the medical⁤ community and beyond.


Dr. Anthony C. Cetrone’s⁢ remarkable contributions to the medical field, his unwavering dedication⁢ to patient care, and ​his commitment to community well-being have earned him widespread recognition and ⁤respect. His profile by The Virginian-Pilot serves⁢ as a compelling​ testament to his exceptional accomplishments and his enduring impact on the lives of those he serves.

Recognition: Physician Specializing in Occupational Medicine

Dr.‌ Anthony C.⁤ Cetrone, who serves as the‍ president of NowCare Physicians and as the chief ‌medical officer ‌of Bayview Physicians Group,‌ has been honored as a⁢ Health Care Hero for his contributions to ⁢firefighter cancer screening in ‍the Hampton Roads area. His expertise also includes board ‍certification in emergency⁢ medicine.

Cetrone was nominated for this prestigious recognition ‍by Virginia Beach Fire Chief ⁣Kenneth ‍Pravetz, in light of Cetrone’s commitment⁢ to the health‌ and well-being⁣ of the firefighters under‌ his care. This dedication extends beyond providing medical⁤ care to ⁢encompass promoting preventative measures and the long-term wellness of first responders in the region. By collaborating closely with the fire department, Cetrone has fostered⁤ mutual ⁤respect and‍ trust while ⁣improving the ​department’s ‌ability to detect and prevent occupational cancers. He has implemented effective screening⁣ protocols and offers timely medical interventions when necessary.

Not only has Cetrone‍ raised awareness about the risks of occupational cancer within the firefighting profession, but he has also‌ facilitated access to advanced⁣ screening⁢ technologies and medical resources, as ⁢noted by Chief Pravetz.

“In recognition of ‌his outstanding contributions to firefighter‌ health and safety, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Cetrone as our Health Care Hero,” Pravetz wrote in ⁢his‍ nomination. “His dedication, expertise, and unwavering support embody⁢ the true spirit of​ heroism, and ​his efforts have undoubtedly ⁤made a lasting impact ‍on the lives of our firefighters and their families.”

Cetrone also​ shared ⁤his insights ‍on his career in an interview with Inside Business.

Commitment to Occupational Health and Safety

In his role as ⁢the medical director of occupational health at NowCare Occupational Health & Safety, ‌a division of Bayview Physicians Group, Cetrone emphasizes the importance of providing workplace medicine ‌for various‌ industries, with a particular focus on public safety ​personnel such as firefighters, police officers, deputies, and emergency medical personnel. He finds‌ great⁤ fulfillment in ensuring the ⁤health ⁤and safety of those who selflessly serve others.

Significance of Firefighter Cancer Screening

Firefighters are exposed to numerous cancer-causing ⁢toxins in the line of duty, ‌ranging from combustion byproducts to⁢ the‌ gear they use. According to the Fire Cancer Support Network, ​firefighters face a 9% higher risk of being diagnosed⁤ with cancer and a 14% ⁣higher risk of dying ​from it.‍ With⁢ advancements in early cancer⁣ detection technologies,⁤ such as‍ the Galleri blood test, the ⁤focus is on making these‍ tests ‌more accessible. Cetrone has​ worked closely with​ local government and public safety leaders to ensure the proper administration of these ​tests ‍and facilitate prompt follow-up in the event⁢ of a positive result.

Notable Accomplishments and Measuring Success

Cetrone takes pride in alleviating the health concerns‌ of dedicated firefighters and offering them hope through early detection ⁤and intervention. His⁢ measure of success‍ lies in the impact his profession has ​on the community, aiming‌ to create healthier ‍and safer environments for future generations.

Lessons Learned and Advice ‍for Aspiring Health Care Professionals

Reflecting on his career, Cetrone notes that professional service is an ⁢ongoing journey, highlighting the importance of collaboration ‍and adaptability in meeting the evolving needs of the ‌community and frontline responders. For those venturing into occupational medicine, he emphasizes the rewarding nature of the field,‍ urging an openness to building strong relationships and a willingness to navigate changing circumstances.


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