Taobao Vision Pro Upgrades to 2.0, Exploring the Future-Oriented VR Shopping Experience

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On June 28th, the Apple Vision Pro Chinese version will officially go on sale. Recently, the Taobao Vision Pro version has been upgraded to version 2.0. Building upon the beta version released in April this year, it now offers complete shopping functions such as login, search, messages, and ordering. Users can directly select from several billion massive products for purchase on this spatial computing device.

“By leveraging spatial computing capabilities, Taobao Vision Pro integrates offline immersive shopping experiences with online shopping efficiency like never before. It marks the beginning of e-commerce transitioning from 2D to 3D and from flat surfaces to spatial dimensions,” said Zhao Kun, head of Taobao’s website and XR business.

A wave of brands and Taobao have initiated innovative collaborations. In addition to DJI, brands such as Xiaomi Auto, Maison Margiela, M.A.C, COLMO under Midea, etc., have launched deep cooperation with Taobao in areas such as ‘space test drive,’ ‘space makeup trial,’ and ‘smart home.’ Among them, the Xiaomi SU7 has already opened online reservations for ‘virtual test drives’ on the homepage of Taobao Vision Pro version, bringing users a new experience of ‘test driving at home’ in the future.

Entering the 3D brand showcase of Maison Margiela, consumers feel as if they are in a physical Maison Margiela boutique, with shoes, bags and other products within reach. The brand’s spatial videos are also more three-dimensional, like watching a movie. Maison Margiela stated that Taobao Vision Pro is ushering in a new era of experiential e-commerce, and the collaboration between the two parties is an important exploration of digitalization for brands. They look forward to jointly providing users with innovative and efficient shopping experiences.

As the first Chinese e-commerce shopping application on Apple Vision Pro, Taobao was invited to share its development experience at the Apple WWDC event on June 11. According to the official website of Apple, the Taobao App brings a new 3D immersive shopping experience for users both domestically and internationally, greatly enhancing the accuracy of shopping decisions.

Reporters observed that on the Taobao Vision Pro version, product information flow is larger and more three-dimensional. Consumers can intuitively feel the material of sofas, texture of clothes, rotate refrigerators and washing machines 360 degrees to see their internal structure and details. They can also place true-to-scale products in real environments to assess fit and overall effect.

With the help of AI technology, Taobao Vision Pro has greatly simplified the search process. It not only allows for unique eye-tracking gestures interaction, but also supports voice and image search. Additionally, it enables multi-product comparison and matching experience on the same screen.

Since its release in April this year, Taobao Vision Pro has attracted continuous attention from the outside world on the future of e-commerce shopping methods. Many users who have experienced it feel “surprised,” “shocked,” and believe that “the future is already here.” Some comments suggest that Taobao has expanded new imaginative space for e-commerce platforms in spatial technology and AI directions, making the connection between people and goods more intuitive and efficient. Many industries are expected to be reshaped, with brand merchants on Taobao Tmall likely to be among the first to reap benefits.

“We are very pleased to reach this innovative cooperation with Taobao, looking forward to jointly opening a new chapter in audio shopping.” Hu Liang, head of Harman’s fashion audio department for Greater China region’s e-commerce sector, believes that as a leading e-commerce platform, Taobao continuously refreshes consumers’ shopping experiences with innovative technologies. This collaboration cleverly combines Harman’s high-quality audio products with Taobao Vision Pro’s cutting-edge spatial technology, bringing consumers surprising shopping scenes and audiovisual enjoyment.

The Taobao Vision Pro version will create an unprecedented immersive online shopping experience for consumers. Customized and intelligent interactive services will surely bring a visual and sensory double feast.” Ray, the director of M.A.C E-commerce, said that since entering Tmall in 2017, M.A.C has been exploring, trying out, and innovating with Tmall continuously. They have successively launched functions such as color selection cards, try-on mini programs, VTO makeup trials, etc. “In the future, we will provide consumers with even better online shopping experiences.”

It is reported that Taobao was invited to become one of the first developers of Apple’s Vision Pro last year. After 9 months of research and development, a new app was launched. Behind this is Taobao’s industry-leading 3D modeling technology, which supports merchants on the platform in creating exclusive product models at low cost. With years of accumulation, Taobao currently has millions of product models and presents them to consumers in high quality through its self-developed 3D engine.

Since the beginning of this year, Taobao has been taking frequent actions to improve user experience by introducing measures such as shortening the delivery cycle for products and implementing a ‘refund only’ feature that benefits consumers. Whether it is optimizing and upgrading the web version of Taobao or developing and launching the Vision Pro version, the essence remains focused on consumer experience. In the next step, more features will be introduced in Taobao Vision Pro version to explore artificial intelligence and spatial computing technologies for wider accessibility, serving more merchants and consumers.

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