Get ready to meet a variety of critters at the grand opening of Little Ray’s Nature Center (video included)

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Escape the⁤ Holiday Hustle‌ at Destiny USA‌ with Little Ray’s Nature Center

Looking⁢ for⁢ a reprieve from the chaos⁢ of holiday shopping at Destiny USA? Look no further than⁢ Little ‌Ray’s Nature Center, a unique ⁣addition to the mall that offers a sanctuary with a touch of the wild. This new tenant provides an ‌educational and entertaining experience with a variety of animals,⁣ including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and arachnids.

Originating as a Canadian⁤ zoo chain with locations in Ottawa⁤ and Hamilton, Little Ray’s ⁤Nature Center in Syracuse boasts over ⁤40 animals for visitors⁢ to admire. From sloths and snakes to frogs ⁢and lizards, there is ‍a diverse array of creatures to⁤ explore at this nature center. The⁤ facility ‍officially opened ⁢its doors at the mall on‍ December 10th, following a move to the second floor earlier in the year.

Journey through the center and⁤ encounter⁣ animals with ⁤unique stories—many of the residents at Little Ray’s were ⁣rescued from‍ unfortunate circumstances. Whether ⁣they were once household pets that became too much‌ to handle ​or animals facing injuries​ or confiscation, these creatures now call the nature‍ center their home.

One such ⁤example is Peyton, a pink Honduran milk snake, who found refuge at Little Ray’s after a⁢ failed attempt to cross the U.S./Canada border illegally. These animals are lovingly cared for by the​ dedicated staff at ⁤the⁢ center, who prioritize their well-being and comfort.

For those interested in a ⁢more hands-on experience, Little Ray’s offers various activities​ beyond general admission. Guided tours and animal encounters, like the private sloth experience, provide visitors with the opportunity to interact with these fascinating​ creatures up close.​ Imagine petting a sloth as it lounges in your lap, capturing memories that will last ​a lifetime.

Animal care manager Brandon Soto emphasizes the importance⁢ of educating the public on ‍responsible pet ownership. Many people underestimate the ‍commitment required to care for exotic animals, unaware of the longevity and specific needs of these creatures. By engaging with visitors and sharing their knowledge, the staff at ‌Little Ray’s hope to foster‍ a greater understanding and appreciation for the ‌animal kingdom.

Concerns about the animals’ well-being in captivity are common, but Soto reassures visitors that the residents of Little Ray’s were born and raised in⁢ captivity. Reintroducing them to the wild would pose significant challenges, as they lack the skills necessary to survive in their ⁢natural habitats. The center provides a⁤ safe and nurturing environment for these animals⁢ to thrive.

Little Ray’s Nature Center prides itself on‍ its commitment to animal welfare and education. While their Syracuse location is not accredited by Canadian Accredited​ Zoos and Aquariums, they are USDA-licensed and working towards accreditation ​from the Association of‌ Zoos⁣ & Aquariums. This dedication to upholding industry standards reflects their passion for providing⁢ a safe and‌ enriching experience for both animals and visitors.

Visit Little ⁤Ray’s Nature Center on the second floor of ‌Destiny USA’s‍ Canyon Area and embark on a journey through the wonders of the natural world. General admission is available Wednesday through Sunday, with special offerings like private tours and encounters. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or ⁢simply seeking a unique outing, Little Ray’s offers an unforgettable experience for‍ all ages.


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